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James T. Maloney is a well-established litigation attorney who has practiced throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. He knows the entire judicial system, including the local magistrates, the appellate courts, district courts, circuit courts, and both the state courts and the federal courts. He is familiar with opposing attorneys and judges and uses his experience to construct winning strategies for each client in every situation.

James T. Maloney received an undergraduate degree in Philosophy with minors in political science and sociology from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He is a graduate of the T. C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond. James Maloney is known for well prepared, experienced, and aggressive representation.

He asks the toughest questions and knows how to develop trial strategies and successfully negotiate cases. James Maloney is licensed to practice law both in trial and appellate courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia and in the federal system. He is a member of the Virginia Bar, Richmond Criminal Bar, The Virginia College of Criminal Defense Attorneys, and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. He has the skills and experience to give you the representation that your case needs.

James Maloney is a well-established criminal defense attorney in the Richmond, VA area. He has represented defendants in all types of cases ranging from major felonies to minor traffic offenses and has extensive experience in federal, state, and juvenile courts, as well as the appellate courts.

As a former associate at Joseph D. Morrissey, James Maloney has had the opportunity to practice in many courts throughout the Commonwealth.

James Maloney is highly regarded for his aggressive representation as a defense attorney. Call James T. Maloney at 804-788-1956 for a FREE consultation today!
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